Which Way Did My Money Go?

Know Your Values!!

Before each item, place an A if you think it is essential, a B if you think it is important but not essential, and a C if you could do without it.

_____ Own a home

_____ New kitchen appliances 

_____ Flat screen TV

_____ Home improvements/additions

_____ New furniture

_____ Automatic dishwasher

_____ Newspaper & magazine subscription

_____ New computer

_____ Internet connection

_____ Cable TV/TiVo

_____On-demand streaming service

_____ Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Apple watch etc.

_____ New video game system

_____ Savings account

_____ Giving to church or charity

_____ Helping out family members

_____New clothes & shoes for myself

_____New clothes & shoes for family

_____ Name brand clothes & shoes

_____ Nice car(s)

_____ Meat at least once a day

_____ Fresh fruit daily

_____Natural organic foods

_____       Health/medical insurance

_____       Life insurance

_____       College fund for children

_____       College for myself

_____       Private school for children

_____       Additional training/education

_____       Child support

_____       Dining out/fast food

_____       Going to the movies

_____       Paying off debts

_____       Professional haircuts & styles

_____       Cigarettes

_____       Jewelry/Makeup

_____       Tattoos/piercings

_____       Sports/concert admissions

_____       Sports/hobby equipment

_____       A pet

_____       Vacation travel

_____       Gift for others

_____       Regular dental care

_____       Professional nail care

_____       Holiday gifts for family/friends

_____       Other _______________



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