Reasons Why Smiling is The Best Form of Exercise

A smile is all it takes…

  • A smile is a universal expression of happiness and recognized as such by every culture around the world.
  • The muscles you use to smile send messages back to the brain telling it to feel happy!
  • Women smile eight times more often than men – and women live about eight years longer than men. Are they correlated? Could be …
  • Smiling actually cools down your brain while frowning heats it up. An African adage says, “It is only when a person’s face shows a frown that he can inflict a matchet cut.” Aptly stated.
  • It takes a lot more energy to frown than it does to smile. You use about 60 muscles for a frown but as few as 17 muscles for a smile. So, it is rather a profligate habit spending any time or energy frowning!
  • Babies do not just learn to copy a happy face; they are born with the ability to smile (because even babies who are blind or visually impaired from birth know how to smile).
  • A smiling person is considered to be more pleasant, attractive, sincere, sociable, and competent than an unsmiling or dull person.



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