President Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Courage in the Face of War

It’s Never Over…

When Russia first attacked Ukraine, some military experts around the world and even Heads of States predicted Russia will take the City of Kyiv in just a couple of days but that did not happen. After that, it was the steady drop of pundits and so-called military experts telling us the end was near for Ukraine. The country could not stand up to the “Mighty Goliath” Russian Army. A recent report went as far as saying that the war should be over soon and that pointless for the Ukrainians to resist.

Guess what?? None of those messaged has resonated with President Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian Military, or its People. In fact, the Ukrainian counter-offensive is pushing Russian forces out of the regions held by Russians just months ago.

The war is far from over. Challenges are rife but one thing is certain, no one should ever under-estimate the resolve of people utterly committed to defending their homeland as well as their freedom.

Person of the Year

The Man Who Knows What He is Fighting For.

By industry or institution standards, the winner of “Person of the Year,” based on nominations, is always announced at the end of the year. But who says we cannot bet on it right now or even invest on its odds as early as possible with obvious intentions to recognize impact as opposed to virtue …. individuals who have done the most to influence the events of the year.

One such figure is the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who despite his once unpopular and controversial administration even amongst his own citizens, has risen above those criticisms due to the unbridled courage he has shown since the Russia-Ukraine War which has changed many minds and inspired millions.

No specific reference to an official or reader’s poll that has any effect on the selection, this was made solely on opinions of a legion of some die-hard supporters ready to defend Zelenskyy’s honor and bravery from behind the scenes.

Comedian and Courage

His past as an entertainer may have prepared him for his most crucial role.

The actor/comedian-turned-president who was believed to have fumbled his way to the presidency with a campaign that was idealistic and lacked substance, has now earned new titles from many as “the first true president of Ukraine,” “a hero”, “a leader” – one who has demonstrated his unwillingness to back down from the utmost responsibility of any national leader: the safety and protection of his people. No retreat, no surrender!!

Nevertheless, he still gets a fair and balanced coverage with much independence and rigor; some praising him while others are calling out his mistakes when necessary. Even with mounting pressure, he proves his skeptics wrong, gaining the trust of his people and a big part of the world. According to a Washington Post’s editorial, new polls show President Zelenskyy’s approval rating at 91 percent, three times what it was last December.

The Face of Bravery

His defense of Ukraine deserves praise. His bravery is inspiring. When the United States offered to evacuate him amid concerns for his safety, he replied: “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride,” and “As you attack, it will be our faces you see, not our backs” (in direct response to Russia’s request for Ukrainians to lay down their weapons and surrender), according to the report.

Undoubtedly, an act of courage that already alters the course of history and arouses unprecedented support amongst Ukraine’s allies and the rest of the world. A great example of how to transform from victims of aggression to becoming the kind of fortitude that everyone hopes to muster. Only times like this, when you find your duties increasingly onerous, that you can tell whether you have it or not. No faking that kind of courage! For Zelenskyy, the moment came on February 24, the day of Russia’s invasion and I hope he keeps it up.



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