15 Most Interesting Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible disorder of the brain

People as young as 40 years can develop Alzheimer’s disease but it is most common in people over the age of 65. The risk for getting Alzheimer’s disease increases with age. Some doctors agree as many as 50% of people over the age of 85 have Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some interesting facts to know about Alzheimer’s disease

Alois Alzheimers discovered AD in 1906. This is how Alzheimers Disease got its name 115 years ago. The disease for which he is known was given its name on July 15, 1910.
  • A German doctor discovered Alzheimer’s disease in 1906 during an autopsy. His name was Alois Alzheimers.
  • Alzheimer’s disease affects at least 6 million Americans.
  • By the year 2050, researchers say that 1 out of 45 people will have Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Doctors have new screening test which aims to help healthcare providers determine the presence or absence of amyloid plaques in the brain, a hallmark sign of Alzheimer’s disease. The test is easy to administer, does not involve any radiation, and is non-invasive and is only available through an order by a healthcare provider.
  • About 50% of all admissions to nursing homes are due to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Half of all Alzheimer’s patients have a family history of the disease.
  • The average survival time after diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease is eight years.
  • More than 70% of Alzheimer’s patients receive care in their homes.
  • Most people with Alzheimer’s disease are elderly. The average age of Alzheimer’s patients at the time of diagnosis is 80 years. The majority of those affected are female.
  • In general, the younger someone is when Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed, the faster the disease progresses.
  • The brain of someone with Alzheimer’s disease “loses weight” as brain cells die.
  • Alzheimer’s patients may look very healthy, especially in the early stage of the disease.
  • In the United States alone, it costs about $300 billion every year to take care of Alzheimer’s patients. This includes the money lost when caregivers have to stop working to stay with the patient.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is just one kind of dementia. In fact, it is the most kind. All people with Alzheimer’s disease have dementia, but a diagnosis of dementia does not mean someone has Alzheimer’s.
  • Remember, only a physician can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, and only after a complete physical and mental examination.


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