3 Tele-Tone Tools in Nonverbal Communication and How To Understand Them

If you are not serving customers face-to-face, but over the phone, how does nonverbal communication impact your customer relations? Use these tools to make a good impression.

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Inflection – the movement of your voice from high to low

A “monotone” voice says, “I’m bored and have absolutely no interest in what you are talking about.

To improve your inflection:

  • Smile – you feel happier when smiling, and your voice will reflect that feeling.
  • Stress words that ought to be emphasized.
  • Use variety of tones.

Volume Control

A “too-soft” voice makes it difficult for a customer to hear and understand you; a “too-loud” voice may suggest that you are pushy or angry.

Use a volume that is comfortable for speaking and listening


  • When you encounter an angry customer, lower your voice.
  • When a confused customer, turn up the volume slightly

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Pacing – the rate at which you speak.

If you speak too fast, your customer may not grasp what you say; if you speak too slowly, your customer may think you are uninterested, unenthusiastic, uninformed, or unhappy.

Show your enthusiasm and interest in your customer by using an appropriate rate of speech.

Nonverbal Communication on the Telephone:

Your tone of voice conveys —- 88% of your message

The words you use —- 12% of your message.



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