4 Different Learning Styles: How to embrace diverse groups

Learning styles group common ways that people learn. Everyone has a mix of learning styles. To give you an idea of the different types of learners, here are 4 types of learning styles.

Process Learners

Process Learners like to have new information explained to them and have time to discuss it. They want to know why they need to do the task. They like to work in groups, put people first, and are concerned that there is harmony around them. Process Learners value experience and can look at a task from many different perspectives.

Thinking Learners

Thinking Learners like to have written information, details, and facts about any new task. They enjoy coming up with new ideas, first taking time to reflect and think. Thinkers want to know what the experts have to say, and often want background. Traditional classrooms are comfortable for Thinking Learners, and they do well in that setting.

Hands-on Learners

Hands-on Learners like to have a step-by-step description of the task and a chance to try it out. They learn by testing ideas and applying common sense. They are problem-solvers and are practical. They instinctively know how things work. Hands-on Learners want to get right to the point and not waste time.

Experimental Learners

Experimental Learners like to experiment, jump right into the task, and need a bit of leeway for making mistakes. They do not like to be “bogged down” with long explanations or lots of reading. Change, new things, and challenge are exciting to Experimental Learners. They get bored with too much structure and like freedom to use the trial-and-error learning method.

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What’s Your Learning Style?

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