8 Provocative Questions to Help You Identify the Right Job

Essentials of Keeping Track of Your Job Search

With a clear vision of your career direction, you now create a résumé to focus on specific job targets as well as do a good job “selling” you to potential employers.

If you have submitted more resumes to more places than you can possibly remember, then the time is right to start keeping a log of where and when you have applied to each job.

Keeping a log is simple enough—you can create a spreadsheet with a list of the jobs you have applied for, asking the following questions. Once you have put together your nicely organized list, you will be able to more easily tell when you should follow up with another email, or give them a call.

Alternatively, Microsoft has a handy template that you can use—Excel 2019 users can simply use the New Workbook option, type in “job search” into the templates
search box, and download the template right there—otherwise you can download the template from the Microsoft Office site.

When did I contact this employer?

(Day, date, time)

When did I contact this employer?

What company did I contact? (Record name, address, zip code, telephone number, email address, website, fax number, etc.)

Why did I go there?

What job am I seeking? Who referred me to this company? What made me think it was a good target? Do I know anybody who works or has worked for this company?

What did I do there?

List Job Search Actions…complete an application, talk to someone, have a formal interview, etc.

Who did I talk to?

Record the name [spelled correctly], telephone number, job title, email address, something I remember about the person.

What did they say?

No? Not now? Maybe? Reapply [when]? Yes, if something else happens? What did I learn about the job or the company?

What did I think?

Did this seem like a good fit with my skills and qualities? How did this job score on the Job Values Profiler? What things might I like about this job/company? What things might be challenges? Might this job be a stepping stone to a better job? How can I learn more about this job/company?

What should I do next?

Record the action [call back, send a thank-you letter, complete an application or send a resume, get more information, attend an interview] you need to take.)



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