Can The New World Of Braid Fashion Unify A Generation?

Existence of oneness despite numerous distinctions

We can clearly observe that people of all religion, creed, caste, dialect, culture, lifestyle, dress sense, faith, or worship co-exist peacefully under one roof.

Sports as a formidable force for good in engendering unity

When you ask an average person the one thing that unites us as people, regardless of background or beliefs, the word “sport comes to mind. In modern societies, sport is considered to be the unique fetter that connects people together. Whether in a most dramatic gesture of reconciliation between nations going back to the creation of the Olympic Games; or just filling up stadiums to cheer for our favorite teams and players.

Unity in the domain of the internet and social media

Another one is “technology.” Arguably, technology brings us together to stay connected in various forms but like everything else with its other side, technology also has the potential to isolate people in some cases. But I digress, as this is a topic for another forum. 

Indeed, examples of unifying powers like sports, food, and religion have been known to impact lives and many people often express how these aspects of our culture have the propensity to divide or bring us together.

Likewise, globalization has profoundly exposed us to various cultures, which has increased a greater understanding of one another. One can fairly assume that the interconnectivity and interactivity within today’s global information market will gradually contribute to the normalization of cultural diversity and foster a lasting acceptance of differences.

No “fuss” over a white woman having black hairstyle

Another welcome cultural export that is easily overlooked by many is hair braiding. The politics of hair has less become an issue of cultural appropriation that exacerbates racial divide. In an era in which simulation and imitation of dissimilar characters are fundamental elements of fashion worldwide, such days are long gone.

Paradoxical as it may sound, Braids…yes, I mean hair braiding is an interesting example of a culture that unifies all gender, age, race, religion, creed, national, color, and ethnicity.

Historically, the origin of braids dates back 5000 years in African culture – popular among women and uniquely identifying each tribe, age, marital status, personal and social influence, power, religion etc. In today’s culture, braids have different forms of expression; adorned and worn in several fashions. Now, popular among men and women, of different ethnicity and race, pop culture and celebrities, elders, and even children.

There is an obvious paradigm shift from a cultural movement that braids are synonymous with black people’s natural features. Where are now experiencing a much larger movement responsible for the popularity of the afro, braids, and cornrows among a wider generation comprising other race, color, and culture across the globe.

Symbolism of any type of culture, to a particular race or origin is understandable, but no woman of any color should feel the need to defend her choice of hairstyle.



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