How To Avoid Getting Caught In The Web of Negativity

Reminders For Managing Negativity

It is a fact that how you treat people directly affects your own success in achieving your personal goals. People are drawn to those who are pleasant to be around. Do you have a favorite clergy, check-out clerk, service provider of any kind that you like to interact with when given a choice, Human nature draws us towards people we enjoy interacting with.

More than any other factor, the difference between positive and negative reactions often starts with the person’s – Attitude!

Someone with a positive attitude will extend themselves to answer a question, solve a problem or attempt to help even if it means seeking help from other sources. Someone with a poor attitude sees the question or request for help as an intrusion on their space.

People notice both these attitudes and the impression it leaves can be lasting! So, how do you treat that individual, even with the nasty attitude:

It May Not Be About You

A person who snaps at you rudely may have been in retaliation or by a reflex action from getting snapped at or treated rudely by someone else – at work, at home, on the bus, or just walking down the sidewalk. At one time or another, we all transfer our aggression to people who had nothing to do with the incident that upset us. When someone is negative, it is important not to assume that you are the cause of the problem.

People Have Bad Days

Even the perkiest or optimistic people will occasionally have days when they feel pressured or overwhelmed. To work effectively with others, we need to be flexible and make room for other things that may be going on in their lives.

Sometimes There Is An Explanation

If you are the target of a negative comment or behavior, before responding negatively, it is important to find out what is the cause of the behavior. Rather than assume the person is upset with you, take the time to find out why he/she is treating you in that negative way. Communication will clear up any misunderstanding or potential conflicts.

Some People Are Just Difficult

Some people are naturally more complicated than others. Once you get to know them, you can take this into account when they point out problems or become discouraged.

Keep Your Spirits Up

When people around you are negative, it does not have to be contagious. Think of a paradigm shift in your approach. You can be more aware of your mood but keep your goals and priorities in mind and focus on the positive.

Responding To Negativity

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Tolerate or Accept

When you tolerate the negativity, you simply put up with it without reacting. This response is effective when the negativity is short-lived, when it is mild, or when it comes from someone in a position of authority or from a client or customer.


Sometimes it is best to ignore or avoid interacting with someone who is being negative. You make a conscious effort to detach from the negativity. This technique is most effective when you cannot change the situation or the person, when it is clear that the negativity is not directed at you or about you, then you may not need to interact with the person to get your job done. 


If you suspect that the negativity is directed at you, or if it is getting in the way of your job or activity, you will need to address it. Attempting to change a negative situation works best when there is something specific you can do to address the source of the negativity. Examples would be helping someone solve a problem, changing a behavior, altering the physical environment, or finding a satisfactory solution to a conflict.



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