Identify What Works Best In a Conflict Situation.

Take A Quiz: What Do You Do In Conflicts?

Part A

Circle the numbers of the behaviors you usually use in work-related conflict situations

  1. Make jokes, kid around
  2. Meet them halfway
  3. Use my position of authority
  4. Look for mutually satisfying solutions
  5. Put my needs first
  6. Arrange a meeting
  7. Just give in
  8. Suggest a compromise
  9. Get visibly angry
  10. Use put-downs and labels
  11. Leave, walk out
  12. Apologize
  13. Try to be reasonable and rational
  14. Change the subject
  15. Agree on how to talk about it
  1. Give a little to get a little
  2. Put their needs first
  3. Try for a 50/50 solution
  4. Talk about feelings and needs
  5. Complain to a third person
  6. Try to soothe their hurt feelings
  7. Aim for vulnerabilities
  8. Think of changing myself
  9. Take it out on someone else
  10. Try to find a middle ground
  11. Yell, blame, accuse
  12. Say, “I didn’t mean it”
  13. Ask to hear their point of view
  14. Pretend nothing is wrong
  15. Trade or bargain

Part B

Identify your predominant conflict style by matching the numbers you circled to the numbers listed in the categories below.

Part C

Find the column that has the most numbers circled. Record your predominant conflict style here: _________________



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