The Best Career Advice Mom Ever Gave Me

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Giving a child the guidance and support he/she needs to grow up healthy and successful, even in their chosen career, involves all the skills of parenthood: nurturing, guiding, protecting, sharing, and serving as an example or model. Come with me as I share with you the best career advice my mom ever gave me.

Set Good Examples

Setting good examples also means taking care of yourself and this way you demonstrate self-esteem, which is important for you and your chosen career. Setting aside time and energy for your own work or hobbies shows that you value certain skills and interests and are willing to pursue them.

Demonstrate Tolerance and Acceptance

Do not tolerate people, celebrate them. Same with people of other racial, ethnic, and religious groups and alternative lifestyles. The way you relate to people in your life and career will provide a foundation for how you will treat your peers, colleagues, and others throughout your adulthood because everyone deserves to be respected and valued.

Show Your Love

You cannot understand what love means unless you start accepting a person’s flaws and merits even when you can’t make sense of it.  Be spontaneous, relaxed, and joyful. You don’t need anyone’s permission or encouragement to let your natural enthusiasm fly free. The more you find joy and fulfilment in your job, the more delightful life will seem to you and the more eager you will embrace it.

Communicate Honestly and Openly

Good communication is not always easy. It can be especially difficult when you are overworked, overextended, under a great deal of stress or when you are depressed, ill, or angry. Preventing a communication breakdown requires commitment, cooperation, and a willingness to recognize problems as they arise. Learn to express your feelings positively and encourage others to be equally open with you. Ask questions, listen to the responses, and offer constructive suggestions.

Listen To Yourself

Listen to yourself, as well, and consider what you say to others before the words leave your mouth. It’s sometimes easy to make harsh, even cruel statements in anger or frustration that you don’t really mean but others may never forget.

Minimize Frustration and Maximize Success

If you achieve your goals and receive approval, feel good about yourself and be eager to take on greater challenges. If, instead, you are prevented from succeeding and your efforts are ignored, do not become discouraged or try to quit, withdraw, angry or even more frustrated. This is the stuff that life’s made of, unfortunately!

Growing up, I did my best to try and expose you to challenges that will help you discover your abilities and achieve successes while simultaneously preventing you from encountering obstacles or tasks likely to lead to too great series of frustrations and defeats. I even taught you that success is meaningless unless it involves a certain amount of struggle.

Remember, the key is to moderate the challenges so they are within your reach or even if you must stretch a bit to get to it.

Learn Coping Mechanisms

Some career disappointment and failure are inevitable, so you need to learn constructive ways to handle anger, conflict, and frustration. Start by handling your own anger and unhappiness in a mature fashion so that you learn from your own examples. Take your problems to people who can help you solve them, work through them, and understand them.

Recognize Problems and Get Help When Necessary

Problems are bound to arise that you may not be able to handle on your own. There is no reason to feel guilty, embarrassed, or think you are less qualified for the job. Sometimes all you need is a friend!

So, this Mother’s Day, I want to say a big thank you, Mom. My journey with you was a wondrous time filled with many ups and downs, times of unbridled joy and times of sadness or frustration, but through it all, you were my beacon of hope, perseverance, and light.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Please comment below and share…I would like to hear from you the best career advice or life lessons that amazing person in your life gave to you.



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