Easy Camping Meals to Make Your Next Outdoor Trip Fun

Don’t Ever Stress About Camping Meals Again

Based on tips from  his book RV Vacations for Dummies, Dennis C. Brewer had put together a list of recipes suited to life on the road. “You want to keep things simple when planning meals for camping. Look for recipes that do not use a ton of ingredients and will not take forever to cook.”

Campfire meals cooked in aluminum foil packets, in a Dutch oven, or on skewers make for easy and fun options. “If you are looking to do more cooking inside your RV than outside, a slow cooker or instant pressure cooker is your best friend in the kitchen.”

Here are a few ideas for easy camping meals to get you started. And do not forget dessert!

The RV Travel Journal. RV Vacations for Dummies, 6th Edition. Copyright December 2019.



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