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RV Travel Adventures

Since the pandemic started, Recreational Vehicle (RV) travel has become an emerging phenomenon among families, as an alternative adopted to carry out outbound travel and a way to integrate daily leisure with long-distance travel. Most significantly, during the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 combined with travelers’ risk concerns, it became quite evident that people favored noncommercial and low-density outdoor tourism, such as tent camping and RV travel, to provide social distancing and safety during trips.

Outdoors Rediscovered

In a sit-down with Fortune Magazine’s Mahnoor Khan, the SVP of Operations, Sun Outdoors, one of the top RV campsite and outdoor hospitality company in the U.S., Nick DiBella said that though reservations had exponentially grown due to the pandemic, outdoor vacationing will continue to rise even after the virus settles down. “People love to be outdoors, and the pandemic has helped people rediscover this. We definitely believe that our new customers are here to stay and that the RV industry will continue to boom once we reach herd immunity.”

RV Trip Based on Personality and Interests

There is a variety of reasons people take RV trips. The use of an RV allows for some families to spend more time together and away from the screens. For others, it is just basking in the beauty of nature and its thrill while still experiencing that same comfort in a “home on wheels.” If you love the community or the engagement of a larger RV resort or you just crave alone time in the woods, the idea of RV travel could be just as appealing.  

Maybe you are adventurous, love going to places you’ve never been and also trying things you have never done. Then taking road trips to new destinations, or trying new foods and restaurants in the area you are staying, could be your thing.

A RV trip is more likely to change your attitude towards life, awaken the pursuit of new personal values such as freedom and simplicity. It carries with it a great many benefits than you will ordinarily get from taking a cruise trip or one down the Mississippi River.

Planning and Preparation Essentials For Your Next RV Trip

Many believe that the best thing about RV travel is its flexible travel style but planning and preparation, key to any trip, are especially crucial, even as COVID-19 is slowly diminishing. It would not hurt to dig deep and learn everything there is to know about RVing even if it means checking out different websites full of online tools created to simplify RV travel, gathering the best informational and educational RV sites on the web today to help get you started or finding reliable guides to teach you everything from how to access the Wi-Fi in a RV park to which cell phone plan would best fit your travel needs.

Pre-Trip Preparations

Whether you are buying or renting you RV, the dealer should provide you some initial driving guidance. Practice driving around an empty parking lot, fields, church or mall, may help you grow with the maneuvering techniques. You can get further information at places like RV Basic Training ( or RV Driving School (, which offer driver training in different locations across the country.

About a week before your trip is where the bulk of the road trip planning needs to occur. It is also the ideal timeframe for a RV Ready Check-In. Doing all this a week out gives you enough time to get it done without having to rush. It is best to discover any issues and troubleshoot whether you need replacement parts before hitting the road.

In a related YouTube video by Camping World titled, Ask an Expert: Prepping Your RV, Chris Young offered Top 12 Essential Tips to get your RV prepped before you pull it out of the driveway or garage.

Controlling The Route

If camping is a choice, there are two main options: public campgrounds and private campgrounds. Public campgrounds may be found in places like state and national parks. They are in rural settings near hiking trails or a lake. Privately owned RV parks and campgrounds are often not as remote as public campgrounds. It is smart to contact campgrounds at or near your destination and make a reservation. In some locations, drop-ins are not allowed. Other camping websites also provide additional information and resources on road trip ideas to inspire travelers. Remember, many popular campgrounds fill up fast, and you need to plan well in advance.

Planning Your First RV Vacation

If you are a first-time RV owner, leverage additional online resources to fill in any knowledge gaps. Plus, you can also visit the nearest store for professional advice on your specific RV model and lifestyle setup. If you have never taken a trip with an RV, many experts recommend you rent first that way you can try out different styles and sizes to find out what fits your family and lifestyle. You will get the opportunity to experiment with different features without making any long-term commitment or having to worry about maintenance or storage for the vehicle.

Kristina McGuirk, a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and editor who covers kitchens, bathrooms, home improvement for Better Homes & Gardens magazines suggested that renting may limit the number of miles you can drive within a day. In terms of cost, expect to pay more than just the initial rental fee. “Think through all the different budget pieces, including the rental unit, camping meals, gas, travel expenses, and stops along the way.” Factor in the cost of insurance, and if you bring a pet, there may be an extra fee. Also consider how long you plan on going out. “If you are planning to take a long trip, it may not be as cost-effective to rent a RV.”

“Boondocking” Idea   

If you like out-of-the-way places, some off-the-grid public lands allow you to boondock (dry-camp without any kind of hookups) but you will need to check that the spot you are considering is legal and available. If out-of-the-way camping is your thing and is often allowed in parking lots and public land areas, it is best to check with property owners, a manager, public lands office, or area official prior to setting up for the night.

Fueled and Ready to Go the Distance

Your journey is ready to begin. So before loading the RV, create a list of items you will want that will make your travels more comfortable with fewer inconvenient pitstops. Think through meals and snacks that you will want during travel days and while staying at your destination. Do not forget the long skewers for s’mores and hotdogs cooked over the campfire. Nevertheless, if you are taking a longer trip, you are going to need a more balanced diet meaning you can cook for yourself, eat right, and save money. You can also restock as needed while on the road. Check out easy camping meals ideas for RV Trips.

For shorter trips, you can plan and pack most or all your meals before leaving so you are not spending time grocery shopping. For any length of time, you can prepare meals at home before setting out, freeze them and pull them out so you will not have to spend a lot of time preparing meal when you should be appreciating the scenery and experiencing every wonderful moment that life gives you on the journey.

Looking for the perfect adventure? Then, make unforgettable memories traveling in a well-maintained RV. Live out your fantasies with a unique kind of travel today!!



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